An Ever Growing Pile of Junk?

The battery in the pickup truck is/was dead. I had it replaced this morning.

It’s mundane things like that the make me wonder. Where did the ‘stuff’ we use to make batteries derive? What happens to them when they are removed from a device, car, etc.  It reminds me of my friend Charles.  He went to Vietnam in the army as an avionics mechanic. Avionics are the gadgets a pilot depends on to know things like elevation, direction, speed, etc. I was impressed with his job.

He told me not to be impressed, “All we do is take a black box out of a helicopter and put a new black box into the helicopter.”  In his case, that box probably was sent to another place where it could be repaired. At least that’s what I hope.

When I was little there were people who fixed things for a living. We took a table top fan to be fixed. Pop used to take our TV, from time to time, to be fixed. I even grabbed “dead” radios from curb side garbage and, in some cases, fixed them so that I, too, could have a fancy home stereo system.  Isn’t if funny how something so mundane as a battery being replaced makes me think of all this other stuff.

What do you do, as a Scout, to be “thrifty”? What do you do to take care of our planet and our use of resources? Think about and I’ll see you next week.


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